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Boa Constrictors, Albino Wallabies, Baboons, Alpacas, Koala, Red Pandas, Tahr, Lemurs and Sun Bears..  This is just a small group  of the 53 species of animals you will find at Alma Park Zoo,  30 minutes north of Brisbane.   As a photographer, Alma Park Zoo is a fantastic location that provides you with many opportunities to fine tune your photography skills.

I thoroughly enjoy photographing animals and I choose animals as my subjects to improve and refine my photography skills.  Unlike humans, you can rarely direct animals to capture their expressions and character in the right lighting.  Photographing animals is a test of patience and highly challenging.  :)

Eastern Grey Kangaroo Joey - Alma Park Zoo

Recently, I spent the day at Alma Park Zoo and captured some great images of some of the animals on exhibit.  Some of the reasons why I enjoy Alma Park Zoo as a photography location for animals include:

  1. Maya - Red Tailed Boa Constrictor - Alma Park Zoo

    Variety of SubjectsAlma Park Zoo have 53 species of animals to capture with your camera!  Many of the animals also have babies as well.  You may just be lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to capture a cute baby shot.

  2. Lighting: Photography is all about capturing light.  Alma Park Zoo is set on 40 acres with 12 acres set under a beautiful rainforest canopy.  The rainforest canopy during the day offer photographers a wide range of lighting to practice different settings with ISO, aperture & shutter speeds to photograph animals.
  3. Natural Enclosures: Many of the enclosures in the Zoo are free of bars, so you  many opportunities to capture images of animals in natural environments.
  4. Up Close & Personal: Alma Park Zoo offer VIP Animal Experiences and Zoo Keeper Talks, providing photographers with the opportunity to capture fantastic photos of the animals during the event.  The photos of Maya the Red Tailed Boa Constrictor were taken during the Reptile Zoo Keeper Talk.
  5. Rest Up: Running around with a camera all day can be exhausting.  Alma Park also provide fantastic BBQ facilities on site.  You are welcome to pack a BBQ Lunch and take some time out to relax during the day.  The Zoo Cafe is also great for a coffee or refreshments.  :)

Want to find out more about Alma Park Zoo?

Albino Wallaby - Alma Park Zoo

Lemurs of Lemur Island - Alma Park Zoo

Koala - Alma Park Zoo

Baby Tahr - Alma Park Zoo

Lemur - Alma Park Zoo

Maya - Red Tailed Boa Constrictor - Alma Park Zoo

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