The failure of traditional Intranet design.

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Intranet design methodologies are lagging 5 years behind social Internet technology used by employees outside of work hours to collaborate with friends and peers.

For an Intranet to be a valued tool within the workplace, Intranet designs need to ‘upgrade’ to collaborative information sources rather than static, outdated company news feeds or bulletin boards that most employees ignore.

Social Cast have provided a great info graphic on the current state of Intranet design and how an Intranet design can be improved to support employee productivity within the workplace.  The info graphic covers the following issues with traditional intranets and why they are failing employees:

  1. The State of the Intranet:  What is it?  Who uses it and ways Intranets are being used.
  2. The Evolution of the Intranet:  How internal intranets have evolved from the 1990’s to present day.
  3. Why traditional Intranets fail:  Out of date information, ineffective collaboration, poorly managed content and poor search functionality all contribute to the failures of traditional Intranets.
  4. Steps to improve an Intranet: Better search functionality, better information architectures, clear intranet strategies, content strategies and knowledge sharing are key elements that can be improved to make intranets usable and effective for modern employees in the workplace.


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