Thirty minutes in the Gardens with a Camera

| August 29, 2010 | Comments

To improve my photography skills with my DSLR, I decided to time box a session in an unfamiliar location.  I believe that the ability to use the resources around you and think quickly on your feet really helps to capture great photographs.

The location I chose was the Brisbane City Botanical Gardens.  My focus was the water birds in the Ornamental Ponds of course!  Photographing dogs can be considered very predictable when compared to bird photography.  Dogs don’t pose for a camera and birds are even less predictable.  :)  So here are my shots from that 30 mins in the garden.  Not a bad effort!

Australian white heron

I am watching you. © Teale Shapcott 2010


australian white heron

Hunting for food. © Teale Shapcott 2010


Australian Wild Duck - Brisbane City Botanical Gardens

Bottoms up! © Teale Shapcott 2010


white heron

Coming into land © Teale Shapcott 2010

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  1. Lachlan says:

    Some sort of Egret, I’d say, in the first three shots. Excellent detail – you can even make out some of the little wispy bits they use to make themselves look silly on demand.

    I’d also like to take this oppurtunity to highlight the gross unfairness inherent in the world. When last *I* went to the Botanic Gardens, the only birds in view were a refuse-stained Ibis and a decomposing Waterhen.

    Some people have all the luck.

  2. Teale says:

    Hey Lachlan. I had no idea egrets actually did that! Awesome shot, thank you for sharing! Such a shame your last visit to the Gardens was not as fun as mine. I also had an 4ft eel following me around the pond. No doubt expecting me to throw it some scraps. My advice, go down around lunch time. I think all the birds & other wildlife congregate expecting to be fed. :)