Teale Shapcott

Teale Shapcott July 2012.

Teale Shapcott July 2012.

Teale Shapcott is a multidisciplinary User Experience specialist passionate about making websites, software and intranets easy to use for people.

A recognised thought leader in combining agile with usability practices.  Teale enjoys weaving together different disciplines and perspectives together to solve complex design problems.  Teale’s career has spanned 16 years of design experience that includes:

  • User Interface design and development
  • Graphic design
  • Business Process Design
  • Content Strategy for social media, websites and corporate intranets.
  • Information architecture for websites and corporate intranets.
  • Lean User Research
  • Online marketing strategies
  • Photography & visual design for social media content

When she isn’t busy designing great experiences, Teale can be found, camera in hand, looking for beauty, inspiration and fresh perspectives.

Social Media Profiles:

Conferences & Presentations:

Web Portfolio:

  • Ramada Couran Cove :: www.courancove.com.au >> Interface design & development, Online Branding, CMS Management.
  • Brisbane’s Alma Park Zoo :: www.almaparkzoo.com.au >> Interface design & development, Content & Social Media Strategy, Online Branding, Social Media Profiles
  • Agile Academy :: www.agileacademy.com.au >> Interface design & development – 2009 McFarlane Prize Semi Finalist for Excellence in Australian Web Design.
  • Aylwards Dog School :: www.aylwardsdogschool.com.au >> Interface design & development, Content & Social Media Strategy, Online Branding
  • Teale Shapcott :: www.tealeshapcott.com >> Interface design & development, Content & Social Media Strategy, Online Branding
  • Suncorp :: www.suncorp.com.au >> User Experience consulting, Interface Development.


“Teale is a passionate, skilled professional at Suncorp. She is a thought leader in the usability area and develops strong relationships with those she works with.” Jeff Smith, CEO – Suncorp Business Services, Suncorp.

“I have worked with Teale for almost the entire time I have been at Suncorp on a range of projects. She is very passionate, dedicated, well respected and valued member of the Suncorp community. Teale has a real eye for detail and keeps up with the ever changing trends of the Internet and pipes her learnings back into the Suncorp community.” Andrew Boyd, Software Engineer, Suncorp.

“Teale resourcefully & passionately instilled into development teams & business groups the importance of usability design. She spoke at a number of internal sessions & external conferences about why usability in web applications cannot be ignored. Teale’s talent and skills are highly recognised in Suncorp. Teale is motivated by good usability & strives to ensure that best principles are adhered to” Paul Watson, Team Leader, Suncorp.

“Teale is a true expert in the usability/design arena and constantly delivers results at the highest standards. Whilst working with Teale at Suncorp I found her to be very passionate about what she does, quick to adapt to change, and always willing to help out others on the team. Teal is always up to date with the latest design and agile concepts, and is always thinking of new ways to take things to the next level, which is critical in this rapidly changing environment. It was an absolute pleasure working with Teale and I’d highly recommend her for any design or usability work in the future.” Micheal Carey, Senior Systems Engineer, Dimension Data Australia.

“Teale shares a similar passion for user centred design, usability and UI design and always puts simplicity and the customer first when it comes to the initiatives she works on. Teale has a unique position of being able to provide design & usability skills alongside developers which always adds extensive value to IT development that ultimately assists the business in achieving its goals via technology. Teale is also easy to work with and always applies sensible and practical logic to any problem at hand.” Simon Clark, Online Channels Specialist, Suncorp.

More Recommendations can be viewed at: http://au.linkedin.com/in/shapcott