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Gravatar stands for Globally Recognised Avatar.  If you are a non-profit, small business, blogger or anyone who wants to build an online brand, you need to start using a Gravatar.

Today, the majority of websites allow website visitors to comment on articles.   Names are hard to remember, however a visual image is very easy to identify and contribute to your online brand recognition.   A gravatar is the image that is shown beside your comments on a website.  Gravatars make your comments stand out.  Gravatars are globally recognised because millions of people and websites use gravatars.

Initially, your Gravatar may not attract attention.  However, as you comment and engage with others on websites, your online identity will start to become noticed.  This is an important factor in building online credibility for your online brand recognition.

How do I get a Gravatar?

Getting a gravatar is easy and free.  Simply go to the Gravatar’s website and signup with the email that you use to comment on websites. If you are unsure of the signup process, Gravatar provide a an article on how to sign up for an account.    The image you use could be your profile picture or your business logo.  Gravatar also allows you to add:

  • A photo gallery for your profile
  • Website links to sites that help to describe who you are
  • Background images to make your comments stand out even more.
  • Contact information to help people get in touch with you
  • Social Media / website account verification to highlight your other online profiles.
Online brand recognition with Gravatars is simple and free!

Online brand recognition with Gravatars is simple and free!

How do I know my Gravatar works?

When you have signed up for a Gravatar, you can test how it works by simply commenting on this article below.

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