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Recently I had the pleasure of designing a new logo for Aylwards Dog School to use on their new website to be released later this year.  Aylwards Dog School was established 22 years ago by Mike Aylward in Rosewood Queensland.  The school specialises in dog obedience, personal protection training and tracking training.   Mike & Megan also run a large boarding kennel and cattery on the property.

My ability to be creative with these logos was quite open, however I wanted to design the logos so that they remained consistent with the current Aylwards signage.   As a result, this constrained the font type used for the logo and the colours to red, white and black only.  I also wanted to profile the German Shepherd breed as part of the logo because Mike and Megan also breed versatile German Shepherds for both work and show.

Logo Option One - Nobility

The final logos had to also be versatile enough to be used on the web and reproduced on a wide variety of mediums such as business cards, shirts and signage.    Therefore, I focused on a simplistic design to achieve this objective.  However, as I worked on the logos, I found that the colour scheme did pose a significant issue with regard to using the colour red.  When designing websites, red is a difficult colour to design with owing to how the colour presents on the screen to people with colour blindness.  I counteracted this issue by ensuring the shade of red I chose had a significant colour contrast ratio when used with black and white.  I found Vision Australia’s Colour Analysis tool to be a valuable asset in my toolbox for this task.

Logo Option Two - Versatility

After a number of iterations with the design, I finally settled on two designs to submit to Mike and Megan for consideration.    The first logo focused mainly on the noble attributes of the German Shepherd and I used a head shot I had taken of one of Aylwards shepherds as the basis for the logo.   The second logo depicted the versatility and energy of the German Shepherd. Once again, I used a photo I had taken during training as the basis for this logo.   Using photos as the basis for the logos ensured that the sillouette images where unique to Aylwards.

Mike and Megan were so impressed with both logos, they have decided to use them both.  :)

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